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Our resort is divided into three different activity zones, appealing to your individual needs during your island holiday. These areas are created especially for you.. depending on your mood or type of activity that you desire.

(Resort activities are subject to change as we improve our offerings, please check with our concierge upon arrival)

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  • PeaceAndHarmony

Peace & Harmony 

This zone is dedicated to those who wish to relax, meditate and reconnect with their mind, body and soul. Is located on the Palm tower area.

Action & Play 

This zone is for those who seek an action packed experience, family time and fun in the water during their stay. Is located on the Ocean tower area.

  • ActionAndPlay
  • ChillAndMingle

Chill & Mingle 

This tranquil zone allows guests to socialize and relax, a way to enhance their holiday experience. An island within our resort located on the Sea tower area

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