Holiday Inn Aruba At Home

We wanted to bring the beach, the sun and the ocean breeze into your home, so we came up with a couple of ways to bring Aruba to your mobile phone.

Mobile Wallpapers

We know you are probably missing the beach at the moment, so we thought we would bring some sunshine to your phone with our Mobile Wallpapers. We have included some of the most beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea at Holiday Inn Aruba. Every picture was picked thinking of you and what you are missing the most right now.

Interactive Instagram Story Templates

Play with your friends and tag them to know their answers using the Instagram Story Templates we designed exclusively for you to start mentally preparing for your next vacation at Holiday Inn Aruba. Be sure to tag us so we can repost your answers!

Holiday Inn Resort Aruba | Palm Beach | Guest Rooms

Guest Rooms

Rest easy in one of our stunning guest rooms!
Holiday Inn Resort Aruba | Palm Beach | Special Offers

Special Offers

Make the most out of your stay at our resort in Aruba by taking advantage of exclusive special offers.