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Welcome back our Holiday Reporter readers! 

 In this edition, read all about what is happening at our resort, our new pop up restaurants, and much more. This year marks our golden anniversary; we look forward to celebrating 50 years of wonderful memories and sunshine with you.

50 years of Sunshine, Happiness, and Memories

The Holiday Inn Resort Aruba knows that customer experience is everything when it comes to hospitality; they have been giving their guests countless reasons to visit and return for 50 years. The warmth of their staff and servers, their quarter mile of beachfront, their refreshing accommodations, their vast variety of gastronomic experiences and their fun outdoor experiences are just some of the reasons the Holiday Inn Resort Aruba is one of the Great Hotels Guests Love.

We are gearing up to celebrate our golden anniversary with amazing promotions, fun activities and more. Stay tuned to see how we celebrate half a century in our slice of paradise, Aruba.

All you need is love… and good food!

At Holiday Inn Resort Aruba we are always thinking of ways to make your stay more delicious with options for every palate. That is why we have introduced vegan options to our Puro Coffee menu.

Choose from vegan options such as Dragon Fruit Bowl, Sweet Potato Bowl, Turmeric Buddha Bowl and Asian Buddha Bowl to enjoy with all your family!

Don’t miss our pop-up  restaurant during your stay, try our popular Tastes of Italy on Mondays and Taco Tuesdays. 

Caribbean BBQ & More!

You will be thrilled to try this new addition to our Wednesday nights. As you savor your meal, enjoy a live Cuban Band from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm with an all-you-can-eat Caribbean BBQ buffet with Latin flair. Taste the Caribbean flavors  with BBQ Chicken, Chopped Beef & Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Grouper "Papilotte” and more as you enjoy live music under the stars.   

Say "I Do" in Paradise

Ever dream about the perfect place to exchange your vows?

Take a look at our new Wedding Ceremony Packages in the wedding section of our website. Contact our experienced wedding team who will assist you in choosing the best package for your special day and in designing the wedding day of your dreams.  

Eager to find out more? Fill in our inquiry form!

Inn Papiamento Lessons

If you are feeling happy to come to Aruba soon, use “Mi ta contento!” which translates to “I am happy!”. 

Check out our previous Inn Papiamento Lessons to get up to speed, when you have refreshed your phrases comes back for some more Papiamento lessons!

  • “Bon dia!” (Bon Dee-a) – Good Morning!
  •  “Mi stimabo!” (Me Ste-Ma-Boh) – I love you!
  •  “Mi tin hamber” (Me Teen Ham-Bur) – I’m hungry!

If you have kept up with our Holiday Reporter, you now know 9 Papiamento phrases! Keep tuned "inn" and practice your Papiamento for your next visit.

 Lending a Helping Hand

At the Holiday Inn Resort Aruba we believe in kindness, fairness and in taking care of each other and our community.

We dedicated some of our efforts into helping different parts of our community:

• We helped paint and restore a retirement home.

• We participated in a beach cleaning initiative.

• We donated backpacks in a “Back to School” project.

• We helped restore and repair a family home (roof, bathroom, new windows, new doors and paint.)

All of these are little contributions that fill our hearts with compassion and make us feel grateful to be in a position to help. This season we would like to encourage you to lend a helping hand to anyone in need in your community.

A Half Century of Service

At Holiday Inn Resort Aruba we know that customer experience is everything when it comes to hospitality; we have been giving our guests countless reasons to visit and return for 50 years. We are proud and ever so grateful for the opportunity to be your hosts in our One Happy Island.

The smiles from our team, the quarter mile of beachfront location, refreshing accommodations, vast variety of gastronomic experiences, and our fun outdoor activities, are just some of the reasons why Holiday Inn Resort Aruba is your home away from home in Aruba.

Thank you so much for reading us, and safe travels! 

We will be waiting for you to celebrate our 50th anniversary with you!

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