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Palapa Reservation

The Palapa is the small wooden structure on the beach resembling an umbrella. Every day at the Ocean Side Towel Hut starting at 3:45pm a hotel representative will start handing out raffle tickets (1 ticket per room). At 4:00pm raffle will start; once your number is called, with your raffle ticket you can reserve the Palapa of your choice from the available Palapas for next day use. Once you have made your reservation, please be at your Palapa by 10:30am as our staff starts the process of reassigning the Palapas that are not being used.
There are cabanas available for rent at an additional cost. The cabanas are located at the Sea Tower Pool Area. At noon an iPad will be located between cabana 3 and cabana 4 for renting purposes. Availability to rent is noon to 5:00 pm for next day use, as long as supplies last.
The umbrellas around the ocean pools are first come first serve basis.

Please be advised that Aruban laws regarding private shade structures on government beach land are changing and now state that these structures will become property of the land, hence it is illegal for a hotel to reserve a shade structure on government land for their guests. The shade structures will soon be handled as first come first serve, however until March 31 2019 our current Palapa practice will continue. *